6 Dimensions of Digital Maturity

Take holistic control of your digital marketing with tips from Kelly Kubrick, owner of Online Authority, a digital analytics services firm. I am honored to have her on the podcast today to share with us a goldmine of information about supercharging your digital marketing with her Six Dimensions for Digital Maturity. In an attempt to provide a solution to the amount of fragmentation in the digital landscape, Kelly has proposed six dimensions that are used to assess companies’ digital marketing capabilities.

There are a series of indicators within each dimension that companies must rate themselves in. Digital success means getting in right within all the six areas. In this podcast you will learn:

  • The six dimensions for digital maturity and how these tie in together to develop digital success
  •  Why knowing your scores across each dimension helps you improve your digital strategy
  •  Why companies hire digital specialists that only focus on one or two of the dimensions
  •  How to get it right across the six dimensions
  •  Overinvesting and underinvesting in any of the six areas and what do to about it

Developing a digital strategy is absolutely essential for marketers who want to succeed in the tough digital market. Tune in today and get tips from Kelly’s Six Dimensions for Digital Maturity!

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