Flooding Your Funnel Through Drip Marketing

Drip Marketing has been around for years, but with constantly evolving services and varying strategies, how do you select which one works for you the best? It’s an honor to have Delivra superstars on my show today – CEO Neil Berman and Client Success Team Manager Rachel Rewerts. Delivra is an email software that helps marketing teams collect more leads and drive more sales through effective drip marketing, so my guests are extremely adept at the complexities of this modern strategy!

Tune in to find out how Drip Marketing works, modern strategies to employ for successful drip campaigns, and essential tips to consider when selecting your service.In this podcast you will learn:

  •  Why drip marketing shouldn’t be limited to email only
  •  How drip marketing works and modern tips for success
  •  Is there a magic number of messages to send for more effective drip marketing?
  •  Balancing technology vs. strategy
  •  What to look for when selecting your service

Delivra is offering a FREE trial for anyone looking forward to boost their marketing campaigns through digital marketing. Like Rachel said, the best way to avoid paralysis by analysis is to take the first step. Tune in to this podcast and learn more about how Delivra can help your company today!

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