Digital Beercast Episode 3: How Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Use Social Media In Politics

While the second US Presidential Debate is still the talk of the town, Searchology President Anton Duderstadt II and I would like to bring something relevant to the table in our third episode of Digital Beercast. This time, Anton and I are toasting brews over Social Media Politics – a timely topic for today’s social media generation. Obama has already proven that an exceptional social media presence can help win you the most important seat in the government. With the elections looming over us, what can we learn from Clinton and Trump’s online presence?

In this podcast we discuss:

  • How social media is used for developing strong movements
  • Social media approaches in entertainment vs. education
  • Authority Marketing in politics via celebrities and personalities
  • Being vigilant with false news and the significance of fact-checking
  • The limits of social media in political campaigns
  • How apathy factors into social media and what this means for the current generation

Tune in today and get the lowdown on how social media and online presence helps in to making successful movements and developing brand evangelists!

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