The Fastest Way to Get In The News

We’ve crunched knuckles and put in so much elbow grease just trying to get in the news and no one even knows how much press releases we’ve sent out in vain. There’s an easier way, according to Ed Morse, Founder of JournoRequests. Ed’s company flips the PR model upside down by sending you PR opportunities from Twitter straight to your inbox!

Since journalists need experts to fuel their stories, Ed’s brilliant idea is to bring journalists to you instead of gruelingly sending out press releases hoping that someone would catch them. In this podcast, we discuss the following:

  •  How to use Twitter to find journalists who are looking for stories
  •  How to initiate first contact with a journalist
  •  Why speed is absolutely essential in trying to get in the news
  •  How to send an impressive introduction email to your prospective journalist

Journalists get flooded with hundreds of emails and feature requests and yours could be a needle in a haystack. Make sure your story looks worthy to tell by tuning in to this podcast today!