Winning the Race in Destination Search Engine Marketing

Think web marketing is all about ranking first? Think again. I’ve got marketing guru Stoney deGeyter, CEO of Pole Position Marketing and author of “The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!”, on the show to tell us all about what really matters in the world of search engine marketing. On today’s episode, we get down to the details of what Destination Search Engine Marketing is and why your position on search engines does zilch for your marketing campaigns.

Stoney explains that Destination Search Engine Marketing refers to providing enough value to your visitors that you become the ideal destination for whatever it is that they are looking for in your specific niche. This means everything from providing valuable content to launching relevant social media campaigns. We also delve into the details of the following:

  • The most effective approach to search engine marketing
  • Why providing value should be the #1 goal on all online marketing initiatives
  • Why focusing on rankings, especially in a world of various devices, doesn’t always equate to conversions
  • Why knowing what your customers want is still the most essential golden rule

Get actionable insights you can apply to your business’ online marketing efforts by listening to this podcast today!