Corporate Blogging for the Uneducated

Is it really time to chuck out old media and make your own community through blogging? I’ve got marketing technology superstar consultant and entrepreneur Douglas Karr, author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies, on the show today with remarkable insights on how companies can efficiently utilize blogs to get their messages across. Corporations that do not personalize their content have messages that end up on deaf ears. Douglas shares with us how to make an impact in the blogging space and why relating to your audiences matters so much more than traditional push marketing.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How a simple shift in perspective will help you develop better content
  • The THREE critical things that your blogs must do for you which includes building your authority, developing trust, and nurturing personal engagement
  • Why blogs must showcase your personality
  • Why your sales people make better marketers
  • How marketing has evolved through the years since the all too familiar press release
  • The disadvantages of clickbaiting
  • The value of listening and how this impacts your content

Learn how corporate blogs can help you supercharge your marketing and the steps you have to take to make sure your content relates to your audiences by tuning in to this podcast today!


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